Saturday, October 2, 2010

October Downtown Art Chase

The weather was perfect for the art chase last night. At the end of the evening, there were so few folks that turned in entries for the prizes, that those who did will have a high chance of winning. The art was great.

David at the Terra Nova Gallery was open early and ready for visitors. He had water with his own label and art triva on it.

Painted Temple folks were getting ready for the show, Jeanne and I were dropping off stroll information and didn't take the time to see their art work, thinking we would get back and then missing them.

The small art of two women were featured at Rowley press and one couldn't help but be impressed.

The Provo Community Church had quite a lot of art, a really good showing and the refreshments that they prepared was especially geared towards kids. They also had some coloring pages that participants could decorate.

Muse Music had art that was similar to last month.

Juice N Java were scheduled to have a digital photographer on display, his work wasn't there when we visited, but the art piece on the card was.

B.Ashworth's was a first timer participant and a no show so we won't be asking them to participate again.

Perfectly Suited was also a first time participant. He had a couple of art pieces on display.

Bon Bons left up the art from last month and also featured some unique pottery for the chase.

Flower Basket Boutique had some very small items that were interesting.

Angels Of Philley were first time participants and were very excited to be participating. Well done displays, they should prove to be a good place to see the art each month.

The Windowbox Gallery had very nice displays. We enjoyed the featured paintings.

Utah County Art Gallery had their yearly digital art show on display. About half the number of entrys were received as last year, but oh they are worth seeing! The musical entertainment was also quite good.

The Covey Center For The Arts had three artists. The gallery was filled with sound as visitors used mallets to strike the bells that a metal sculptor had on display.

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