Thursday, December 11, 2008

December Gallery Stroll Images

Last Friday was a blast. Lots of great people interacting with great art. Isn't that what community is all about?

Mr. Orange and Mr. Black at Coal Umbrella.

Maht, owner of Coal Umbrella with Ryan Neely, Mr. Orange, and Mr. Black at the Jessica Ecker show.

The artist, Jessica Ecker, on the left with some of her works on display at Coal Umbrella.

Lisa Marie Crosby at Muse Music.

Some Floridians enjoying brie at the Kelly Larson show at Mode Boutique.

Selected works on display at Terra Nova.

An outdoor performance at the Painted Temple.

Inside the Painted Temple.

Patrons enjoying treats and local art at the Provo Community Church.

Fidalis Beuhler showing at the Pennyroyal Cafe.

More from Coal Umbrella.

Makana Hanson show at Legion skate shop.

Artist Gian Pierotti with wife and mother at his solo show at the Sego Art Center.

Scrambling to buy chicks in the back of Sego.

Project 337 in Salt Lake brought the "Art Truck" down for the Stroll. Inside installation by Dan Steinhilber, a Washington D.C. artist who also opened his new exhibit at the BYU MOA.
The outside of the truck is painted by Maggie Michael, Dan Steinhilber's wife. It's really quite fantastic. Contact Ryan with Sego if you'd like to see it in person or have it brought to an event.

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Geo said...

Hey, hi, I have a bug to put in somebody's ear . . . should it be yours? Ken Stikas at the Great Salt Lake Guitar Company on Center Street has two small galleries in his shop, full of his own b&w and color landscape photography (nice stuff). I think he talked to somebody a few months ago about being included in the gallery stroll, but I don't think the connection was ever made. I think his shop would be a good addition, and it sounds like he's still interested. Just thought I'd pass it along in the hope that you're the right ear.