Monday, August 4, 2008

Aug. Gallery Stroll recap

Beautiful jazz music greets Gallery Stroll patrons in front of Maestro's Gelato Cafe at 22 W. Center St.

"Still Conflict," new works by Jared Latimer on display at the Sego Art Center, 169 N. Univ. Ave.

Group exhibition at the Covey Center for the Arts, 425 W. Center St: Ann Weber, Heidi Adkins, Heidi Mohler Sumsion.

One of Richard Passey's beautiful leather works on display at the Utah County Art Gallery, 151 S. Univ. Ave.

more from "Still Conflict"

Carolee Coy and Ehren Clark. Carolee's show "Americana" is on display at Mode Boutique, 45 N. Univ. Ave. Ehren is an art critic and friend to all.

Jared Latimer is on his way up to see Sunnie Bybee's show at Coal Umbrella.

One of two brand new additions to the Gallery Stroll, "Legion" is a skate shop that just opened up next to the Sego Art Center. They will be featuring new artists every month. Here is some work done by the Graffiti Research Lab, and Smokey.

Hi there Mr. Ryan, owner of Legion.

"Ex Nihilo" is a new show by Sunnie Bybee at Coal Umbrella, 157 N. Univ. Ave.

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