Monday, June 16, 2008

Welcome to the Gallery Stroll Blog!

The first Friday of every month, something incredible happens in downtown Provo, Utah. People come out of their homes, young and old, and take a leisurely stroll through Historic Downtown Provo to enjoy art.
For the past several months, Provo has witnessed a dramatic increase in the level of interest in the arts. Local artists, of all genres and media are working harder than ever to create original shows, supplying the never ending demand Provo has for artistic fulfillment and community involvement. If nothing else, it's a great free date once a month; new art openings means free food, and free food means good times, even if you don't like the art!
Several new venues have gotten involved, and not just traditional art galleries. Retail stores, restaurants, and boutiques have all banded together to create this magical event. The equation is simple. More venues equals more art shows, and more art shows means more local artists have places to display art, giving the artists more reasons to produce great art.
By supporting the creative talent we have in our community, we create a sustainable market which allows them to thrive and flourish, instead of simply moving away and taking their talent with them.

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